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Class schedule

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Classes starting soooooon

Beginning Knitting (in 4 days)
Pick Your Project (in 1 week)
Block a Month Afghan Knit-A-Long (in 1 week)

Haekelbeutal All-Purpose Tote (in 2 weeks)
Crocheted Bangles & Wreaths (in 2 weeks)
Portuguese Method Fair Isle Hat (in 2 weeks)
Knitted Pillow (in 4 weeks)
Pick Your Project (early October)
Block a Month Afghan Knit-A-Long (early October)
Continental Knitting Workshop (early October)
Beginning Knitting (early October)

Haekelbeutal All-Purpose Tote (early October)
Crocheted Bangles & Wreaths (early October)
Continental Knitting Workshop (mid-October)
Leslie Shawl (late October)
Weaving On A Rigid Heddle Loom (early November)
Beginning Knitting (early November)
My First Crocheted Hat (early November)
Crocheted Bangles & Wreaths (early November)
Haekelbeutal All-Purpose Tote (early November)
Thrummed Slippers (early November)
Pick Your Project (early November)
Spinning On A Drop Spindle (early December)
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