JUL Shawl Stick

These fashionable Shawl Sticks from JUL Designs are crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia. These are the perfect artistic accessory for your hand knit and crochet garments. The stick portion... Learn More

$ 23.00

Katrinkles Wood Needle Gauge

This sweet knitting needle gauge's precise holes are laser cut from alder hardwood, perfect for measuring knitting needles from sizes 0 to 17. Both the US sizes and metric measurement... Learn More
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Kelmscott Designs Little Gems Scissors

Tiny Blades, faceted handle, airplane friendly - cutest gosh darn scissors ever! Just under 2", perfect for every project bag you may have a wip in! Learn More

$ 10.00

Kitchener Keychain

Are you always forgetting how to do Kitchener stitch when knitting a sock? Attach it to your knitting bag or keychain and it will be right there when you need... Learn More
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Knitters Pride Row Counter Ring

Made from high quality Stainless Steel - coated using a special technology Hypoallergenic No need to pick a second accessory - sits right at your finger to track your knitting... Learn More

$ 28.50