Modus Operandi Lace

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Brand: Modus Operandi Fibers LLC


Botanically Hand Dyed in Nashville, TN

  • Lace Weight, A 72/28 blend of kid mohair/silk. Lace weight and non-superwash. Fluffy, soft, and perfect for holding double to create a halo effect.
  • 72/28 Kid Mohair/Silk
  • 459 yards

Listing is for ONE skein of lace weight yarn. Photos depict one skein of fingering with the companion Lace skein beside it (on the right). You will be receiving ONE skein of lace weight yarn.

Garnet and Brick colorway is dyed with Madder + Cutch

Coral is dyed with Pomegranate + Madder

Evergreen and Sage colorway is dyed with Pomegranate

Sage is dyed with Pomegranate