Norah Gaughan June Cashmere Sand Waves Poncho Kit

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Brand: June Cashmere


Sinuous cables carve sand dune-like formations into this poncho's simple rectangular shape. Slipped stitches at the beginning of every row create a self-finished edge--just add buttons and you are done. As a bonus, the openings formed in the broad cables act as buttonholes so you do not have to make any when you are knitting. June Cashmere collects premium cashmere knitting yarn from small family farms in the mountain communities of Kyrgyzstan, then onto the artisan mills in Great Britain where the fiber is expertly spun, and making its final stop at the Maine Dye and Textile--this yarn takes a truly unique trip around the world to obtain its unique warmth, beauty, and luxurious feel.

•six skeins of lace weight 100% Kyrgyz cashmere (shown in June sky)

•printed pattern

•packaged in a cloth bag

*Buttons are not included in kit