Silk Road Socks Socks Inspired by Oriental Rugs

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Brand: Pantsville Press

Updated, expanded, and finally back in print, this delightful new 
edition of Silk Road Socks features sixteen intricate patterns inspired 
by oriental rugs.

All fourteen of the original patterns are here, each revised and updated 
and with extra sizes added (that includes sizing them all for both 
fingering weight yarn and dk/sport weight yarn).  There are also two 
brand new patterns available here for the first time ever.  And of 
course along the way I’ve upgraded all the fun bits (new photos, new 
charts, beautiful illustrations…all the things that help make a book 

Every copy of the book includes a unique code (look inside the back 
cover) that allows you to download a copy of the electronic book. You’ll 
be able to store the electronic version in your ravelry library