Newsletter 372

by Jeremy Lehmann

Originally Published October 26, 2015

Yearlong Knitalong November 

The Yearlong Knitalong: November

Here we go!  Our first Yearlong Knitalong project is fast approaching!  Join us in the store on Monday, November 2nd at 11am.  Go ahead and select Calorimetry, Quant or a Block pattern from the Haus of Yarn Block-a-month Afghan book.   

Calorimetry utilizes the technique of short rows. It's a handy way to form sloped or curved edges, or to add contour within your fabric.  Designers use this technique in shawls and sweaters often.  

Quant utilizes the technique of entrelac, the most traditional pattern in modular knitting. The fabric you create consists of rectangles lying at right angles to one another, creating a basketweave effect. This headband is a great introduction to entrelac and by the time you’ve got it down, you’re finished!

Any worsted weight yarn can be used for these two projects (and the Afghan Knit-a-long as well!), but variegated fibers really shine for either of the headbands, creating a look of complicated colorwork without changing yarn. Noro Silk Garden or Universal Classic Shades are great options (see photos just below). 

Remember:  Attendance for Knitalong Mondays is always free!  As a genuine 'thank you!' for your participation, all materials purchased at Haus of Yarn that relate directly to each month's knitalong will qualify for double stamps on our Haus of Yarn Reward Card. DOUBLE STAMPS! We really do appreciate your participation and want to encourage as many of you to make as many of the monthly projects as possible.  Earning double stamps will make it that much easier!

Not local?  No worries!  Join the Yearlong Knitalong virtually.  We'll be creating threads for each Knitalong project in our Ravelry group.  Click here to join our group and come knit along with us!  

We'd love to see your projects!  In process or completed...if you're on Instagram, join in anytime with #yearlongknitalong.


Noro Noro 2

Passport Passport 2

Your Passport to (Knitting) Paradise!

Alrighty, Yearlong Knitalongers!  Just for fun, we created a Knitting Passport so you can track your Yearlong Knitalong progress.  When you purchase materials for a specific Yearlong Knitalong project, we'll give you your very own passport!  As you complete each project, simply swing by the shop with it and show it off (and receive loads of compliments, of course)...and don't forget to bring your passport so we can stamp it!  Fun, right!?  

Not local?  No worries.  We want you to join in the fun as well!  When you call and place your materials order, we'll kinda know why you're calling based on your order -- we're smart that way! -- but by all means, shout it from the rooftop that you're a Yearlong Knitalong participant.  We'll be keeping and managing both your Rewards Card (remember: Double Stamps for Yearlong Knitalong materials!) and your Passport.

So what's gonna happen with these Passports?  At the end of our Yearlong Knitalong, all participants with a fully completed Passport will receive a magnificent prize.  (We'll be honest, we have no idea what this magnificent prize will be but, hey, we have a year to figure it out!  It'll be awesome, trust us!)


A Note from Christina, Organizer of Threads of Kindness:

Hello everyone...I'd like to invite you to join a group that is very near to my heart as I know it is for many of you.  We are working to provide hospice patients in middle Tennessee with a blanket or shawl for a little comfort at a time when they may most need it and preemie blankets and hats to many of the Nashville's Neo-Natal units.  If you think this giving opportunity may be right for you, please reach out to us.  We are fortunate to have generous yarn donations from Haus of Yarn helping us along our way and would love to share our stash with you.  
Threads of Kindness