Newsletter 421

by Jeremy Lehmann



Have you made your Knit-Worthy list yet? With only eleven weeks until #YOUKNOWWHAT, you need to get crackin' with those needles and hooks to make it happen! We promise to make it a little easier for you by sharing some fun, fast and easy projects right here each week. Ready? Set. Go!


Mad Hatter 

Mad Hatter Kits

Whether you have a cowl-wearing knit-worthy relative/friend or a shawl-wearing knit-worthy individual on your hands, grab one of these patterns -- along with an amazing gradient kit from Frabjous Fibers -- and you'll be good to go. Heck, if you started either one of these this week, we bet you could get at least three of these beauties off your needles before #YOUKNOWWHAT!

The Orbit Scarf is a sweet and simple scarf that's so quick to knit you'll definitely be able to make multiples of this one for everyone that makes that knit-worthy list.

The Mohair Bias Loop, from Churchmouse is one of those patterns we personally return to time and time again. Wear this seamless loop long, twisted double as a cowl, or around your shoulders as a wrap. Knit on the bias so the edges won't roll, it's easy and it's fast. And don't let the name of the pattern fool you -- we happen to have a sample knit in mohair on display in the store, but pictured here is one made with a Frabjous Fibers gradient kit; all we changed was the yarn and the needle size. Try it with a US 8 to create a fabric similar to ours!


Messenger Shawl 

Messenger Shawl

Back in stock from Frabjous Fibers, the Messenger Shawl kit is worked on the bias with an asymmetrical shape and mesh striping. It is surprisingly uncomplicated to knit! Each kit contains one full-size skein of Mad Hatter, two mini-skeins in a contrasting color, and the pattern is neatly tucked away on the ball bands wrapped around the yarn! So be careful when you rip them off! Woot Woot! If the pattern is all your interested that link up there and buy away!


Bandana Cowl 

Don't Miss Out!

Leah's teaching you all the ins-and-outs of short rows this Saturday with the Bandana Cowl project! Worked in a bulky yarn, these knit up quickly and would make excellent, quick #YOUKNOWWHAT gifts! Space is available so what are you waiting for? Call and register! 615-354-1007.


Cestari Trunk Show

Cestari Trunk Show Report

So much fun was had during Saturday's Trunk show with Francis Chester from Cestari Sheep & Wool Company! A sincere thank you to everyone who came and visited with Mr. Chester. It was an amazing experience and we are so grateful for the opportunity to host such an incredibly genuine man. And let us just say one thing: we should host more trunk shows that allow you to buy a shepherd's crook!

If you didn't have a chance to make it by the store last Saturday, no worries...we loaded up on some of our favorite Cestari yarn, so we have plenty for you to take home!


della-Q Bag 

New Loot!

We're beyond excited with our new Stitches in the City project bag from Della Q. We think they made perfect souvenirs for all of the awesome folks who visit our sweet shop from all over the world...although quite a few have found homes right here in Nashville! We've practically already sold out of our first order but have another batch on the way! Della Q is adding new cities to the collection all the time so stop into a LYS on your travels and collect them all! Bag measures 11' wide and 12" high.

Here's a list of where we know other Stitches in the City bags are located:

Chicago - Mosaic Yarn Store
L.A. - Jennifer Knits and Knitting Tree
NYC - Annie & Co, Knitty City, Out of the Loop, Lion Brand, Knit
Seattle - Fiber Gallery, Maker's Mercantile, So Much Yarn
San Francisco - A Yarn Less Raveled, Imagiknit, Knitique, Knitterly, Purls of Joy
Aarhus (Denmark!) - Garnkisten
Richmond - Stitching Studio
Vancouver - UrbanYarns


addi Buy 3


Free Needles...Always On Point!

Supporting your local yarn shop with both your presence and purchasing is vital in securing its status as a shared source of inspiration and community. As a "thank you" to all LYS supporters, skacel would like to give back a little something special. When you purchase three addi® Rocket circular needles at Haus of Yarn, skacel will send you one free addi® Rocket circular in your choice of size/length. There is no limit to the number of free needles you can earn, so start building your collection today! This promotion is limited to in-store purchases only, through your authorized skacel addi® dealer (which would be us!)

Here are the details:

  • For every three addi® Rocket fixed circular needles you purchase inside a North American LYS, you will receive one FREE addi® Rocket fixed circular needle of your choice by mail.
  • The three addi® Rocket circulars may be obtained at different times and through different brick and mortar shops (online purchases excluded), but must be purchased between June 15th, 2016 and November 15th, 2016 to qualify. All requests need to be postmarked by November 30th, 2016.
  • The original, shop-generated sales receipt/s clearly itemizing your addi® Rocket purchases and prices paid, must be submitted for each of the three needles – a single receipt containing multiple needles is acceptable. When it's time to get your free needles, you can download the necessary form here.