Newsletter 424

by Jeremy Lehmann

8 Weeks

It's Getting Closer...

Have you made your Holiday Knit-Worthy list yet? With only eight weeks until #YOUKNOWWHAT, you need to get crackin' with those needles and hooks to make it happen! We promise to make it a little easier for you by sharing some fun, fast and easy projects right here each week, right up until the big day. Ready? Set. Go!


Clafoutis Bedsocks 

Clafoutis Socks!

It's hard to believe, but the end of October concludes the 2015/2016 Yearlong Knitalong that so many of you have participated in. We can't adequately express our thanks for your brilliant participation along the way. Our goal with each project was to introduce a new-to-you technique that would be stress-free and manageable in small bits so that -- hopefully -- you wouldn't be intimidated as we piled on the fancy techniques! We genuinely feel like we achieved our mission! We heard you each month as you exclaimed, "well, that wasn't that hard!"

The best part of the Yearlong Knitalong was witnessing the friendships that formed right in front of us as we gathered on Knitalong Mondays. It was a difficult year for those of us at the store in the wake of our leader and friend Carolyn's death. Her fingerprints were all over this slate of projects -- almost every one was selected by her for you -- and we know we're not alone when we say that we could feel her holding one of our hands, guiding us through each project. Thank you so much for holding the other one.

And no sooner is one Yearlong Knitalong finished...when another begins! The full 2016/2017 schedule will be announced next week, but these Clafoutis Bedsocks are our November Yearlong Knitalong project! Join us next Monday, November 7th at 11am as we kick off the 2016/2017 Yearlong Knitalong. Worked in a chunky-weight yarn, we're hoping this one will get y'all over the "fear of sock-knitting" that we hear from so many of you. We've already knit, uh, five or so different samples of these, all in different yarns; pictured here is Transitions from Noro, which is a luscious blend of wool, silk, camel, alpaca and mohair. These are quick! If you're a week and you'll have a pair with just an hour of knitting per day! After you make your first pair and have the basics down, we're guessing you can crank out a pair in just a few evenings. Promise.

(And if you're curious about the word "clafoutis," click here. Then make it, eat the whole thing...and don't tell a soul any of it ever happened.)


More Mitts 

More Mitts for the knit-worthy!

Masonry Mitts is a simple, fingerless mitt with a mix of garter and stockinette textures and twisted ribbing on the ends. There's just enough going on that you'll never get bored if you're making multiples for knit-worthy recipients! Knit in Sabine from Juniper Moon Farms, this one is the perfect blend of cotton, merino and llama!

Lisa Knits Fingerless Mitts is one of the most versatile patterns we've come across -- one pattern, three sizes (small, medium & large), three styles (individual fingers, open fingers, closed thumb and a button on the mitt). We've knit the open fingers option using Rhichard Devrieze Merino Superwash. We stock it in bright, fun variegates as well as more tonal stippled colorways. In other words, we've got you covered.


addi Buy 3


Free Needles...Always On Point!

Supporting your local yarn shop with both your presence and purchasing is vital in securing its status as a shared source of inspiration and community. As a "thank you" to all LYS supporters, skacel would like to give back a little something special. When you purchase three addi® Rocket circular needles at Haus of Yarn, skacel will send you one free addi® Rocket circular in your choice of size/length. There is no limit to the number of free needles you can earn, so start building your collection today! This promotion is limited to in-store purchases only, through your authorized skacel addi® dealer (which would be us!)

Here are the details:

  • For every three addi® Rocket fixed circular needles you purchase inside a North American LYS, you will receive one FREE addi® Rocket fixed circular needle of your choice by mail.
  • The three addi® Rocket circulars may be obtained at different times and through different brick and mortar shops (online purchases excluded), but must be purchased between June 15th, 2016 and November 15th, 2016 to qualify. All requests need to be postmarked by November 30th, 2016.
  • The original, shop-generated sales receipt/s clearly itemizing your addi® Rocket purchases and prices paid, must be submitted for each of the three needles – a single receipt containing multiple needles is acceptable. When it's time to get your free needles, you can download the necessary form here.