Newsletter 430

by Jeremy Lehmann

2 Weeks 

Last Minute Knitted Gifts!

If you find yourself needing to make a few last-minute handmade gifts for Hanukkah or Christmas, we found two projects that are VERY quick. Both are simple, both use just one skein of yarn and both are worked with big needles! The Drop Stitch Cowl, knit from just one skein of Feza Artist Chunky, is one of the few times that a "dropped stitch" isn't a bad thing. The Loop Cowl is worked from just one skein of Katia Look and incorporates a slipped stitch technique to give your piece even more texture.

Stop by the shop, pick up some yarn, cast on and in no time you'll have a stylish accessory to gift...or keep!


Chunky Cowls 

To Give or Keep...we won't tell

Provençe-inspired cotton printed needle cases hold interchangeable OR fixed circular needles in fancy - but inexpensive-style! Three different prints, two prices ($20 or $30), one great solution. These cases are a perfect solution for an on-the-go knitter. Both cases zip to keep all contents secure. The interchangeable case can hold up to 16 needle tips and the fixed circular case can carry up to 14 pairs of fixed needles...and we have additional zip pockets available!