Newsletter 597-2

by Jeremy Lehmann

Fresh Off Our Needles: Caprius!

The Caprius Shawl from Aroha Knits (gloriously knit in Lino from BC Garn) is an asymmetrical triangular shawl knit from the tip to end. The pattern alternates between easy stockinette, slip-stitch and eyelet sections. 

Lino, a quintessential summer yarn, knits up into a light, airy fabric that becomes softer with every wear. We all know that when linen air-dries, it can turn out a bit "crunchy" to the hand; we hand-washed ours, allowed it to air-dry as usual -- and then threw it in the dryer to soften! It's magic!

*Sample was knit in color 56, you'll need five skeins.