Noro Afghan 


Josephine Shawl

 Summer Portability!

It's time to start thinking about packing up the car and heading out to...well, wherever. Hence, we've got portable projects on the mind -- two of them, to be precise, and they both make for great summer knitting projects!

You're probably looking at that afghan photo up there and and thinking, "Huh? How is that portable?" Well! The Graphic Chevron throw is actually knit in five garter stitch strips, then joined in the finishing. We've made up three kit options - twelve skeins of Noro Kureyon AND Issue 10 of Noro magazine...which includes the pattern. Ta-da!

The Josephinentuch/Josephine Shawl has to be one of our all-time favorite on-the-go projects. It's just garter stitch, with one teensy little increase every other row. Make it with any yarn, any size needle...just sit back and breathe. We tend to make it over and over again with self-striping yarn, but we've found we're particularly fond of it worked up in Noro's signature palette of luscious, slow-changing colorways. We've just received a new shipment of Noro's Silk Garden sock yarn -- pick a color, add two skeins to your cart and your search for a summer travel project is complete!  


Fringe Bags 

Field Day

Sticking with our "portability" theme, here's a reminder that we always have Fringe Supply Co.'s fantastic locally-made Field Bag in stock. Like almost everyone who gets their hands on one, we love it for its flexibility, functionality and its on-the-go-ness. It can hang from your wrist, or be carried like a purse -- and with plenty of room inside (including a grommeted pocket for yarn organization!), you can easily and stylishly carry almost any project with you wherever you're headed (except jury duty -- no knitting needles allowed at jury duty. Sad face!).  We've got the whole array of available colors, including the soon-to-be-phased-out toffee. (photos by Kathy Cadigan)


Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival 

On the Road Again: Kentucky-Style

Now that you're all set with a project and a bag ready for traveling, here's an idea: the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is this weekend in Lexington, KY. This is seriously one of our top two or three favorite Yarn Bus festival stops -- the drive is beautiful (especially once you're off the interstate and on the Bluegrass Parkway -- part of which also doubles as The Bourbon Trail, cough cough), and the Festival is chock-full of vendors we don't get to see a lot, since Lexington is further north than most of the ones we go to. The Festival runs this Saturday and Sunday (May 20-21). It's a short, three-hour drive from Music City and well worth your time. Come see us on the bus -- and remember to bring us a skinny vanilla latte!


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