Newsletter 466

by Jeremy Lehmann

What the Fade 

It's All 'Bout That Fade

Everybody now...
Because you know I'm all about that fade,
'Bout that fade, no worries
I'm all 'bout that fade, 'bout that fade, no worries
I'm all 'bout that fade, 'bout that fade, no worries.
I'm all 'bout that fade, 'bout that fade

You've have been such fans of all the recently-released fade patterns that we're having a hard time keeping up! Andrea Mowry has a new Mystery Fade Along starting at the end of the month, and we've put together three different colorways from Old Rusted Chair specifically for it! We've done a little Photoshop magic to help you decide: the left-hand side of each combination above shows actual yarn color and the right-hand side shows the same yarn in greyscale so you can see the actual shift in value.

Pick up a kit, then head over to Ravelry to purchase your copy of the pattern -- you'll be ready to go when the first clue drops on August 31! Don't like the kits we've put together? No worries -- you can shop from the store's open stock and put your very own kit together; you'll need six skeins of varying varying colors.

The kit includes yarn only. You'll have to pick up a copy of the pattern on Ravelry.



Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse.

Did you haaaaapppen to hear there's a total eclipse visible from Nashville today? Well, there is! We'll be closed all day, mainly eating all these solar/lunar-related snack items...but we'll pop outside during the magic moment just to see what all the hubbub is about.

Oh, and we've decided to add all future North American total eclipses to our schedules, so please make a note on your calendar that we will also be closed April 8, 2024.



Tech Classes!

Leah's offering up two different knitting-related tech workshops that'll teach you some new tricks!

Ravelry 101 - Want to know what's so great about Ravelry and its many uses? We adore Ravelry (almost as much as shop-dog Stanley) and we'd love to share some of its many uses, features and secrets with you during this one-hour workshop. September 2nd, 9th or 16th, noon - 1:00 pm, $10. Call the shop to register, 615-354-1007.

GoodReader 101 - Wanna ditch the paper pattern and work entirely digitally? Learn how to import patterns, enlarge font size, create pattern notations, highlight pertinent parts of a pattern and keep track of row counts...all digitally! One-hour workshop, September 2nd, 9th or 16th, 11am - noon, $10. Call the shop to register, 615-354-1007.


TN State Fair 

The Fair Is in the Air!

It's that time of year! The Tennessee State Fair is coming up soon -- Sept. 8-17. It's not alllll about Ferris wheels and corn dogs (though it is definitely about those too!) -- it's also a great place to take a look at a lot of fiber-related things...the Fair is loaded up with livestock, demonstrations and competitions that are all directly related to the hobby we all love...whether it's knitting, crochet, spinning, quilting, needlework, felting...the list goes on!

We encourage you to enter a Creative Arts category (you can see the list here); the more entries there are, the more people can see how vibrant our community is! Haus of Yarn-ers have done well in the keep the streak alive. Plus, you might win a pretty ribbon!


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