Newsletter 479

by Jeremy Lehmann

Sample Sale 

Black Friday Sample Sale!

Join us this Friday, November 24th at 10:00 am for our annual "Black Friday" retired shop model sale! Over the course of the year, as new yarns arrive and old ones get "retired," so do the hand-knit or crocheted (by us!) display samples. And we put them on sale to you!

Shawls, scarves, hats, sweaters...we have over 100 retired* shop samples, each priced at just the retail cost of the yarn used to make it -- an incredible bargain! They can be yours...or you can give one as a gift (we won't tell anyone you didn't make it - just remember to remove the price tag!).

*Let us re-emphasize this: only retired samples are for sale!


Clementine Cowl 

New Spincycle in the Haus!

We're freshly stocked with Dyed in the Wool from Spincycle Yarns! What makes Dyed In The Wool different? Unlike most mill-spun yarns - which are spun and then painted or dyed afterwards - this yarn is dyed first - as fiber - before being spun. This process creates a "dyed in the wool" yarn, in which the color permeates the fiber; the color repeats are unpredictable and unique. With yarn this fresh and exciting, you won't be able to put your needles down. View the available colors here, pick two, add the pattern and watch the magic unfold!

The Clementine Cowl uses two skeins in contrasting colors and is a simple, drapey, slip-stitched color work cowl. The slipped-stitch polka dot pattern is a simple way to add texture to stockinette fabric. Knit in the round, the finishing couldn't be simpler!

Our sample was knit using the End of Summer and Tell-Tale Heart colorways. We have the printed pattern - - available for purchase in the shop. If you prefer an electronic version, buy your copy directly from Ravelry!