Newsletter 486

by Jeremy Lehmann

January Knitalong 

Haus of Yarn Yearlong Knitalong: January Edition!!

Join us in the store today - Monday, January 8th - at 11:00 am for January's Yearlong Knitalong project! This time around, we'll be working on the Veronika Cardigan, just in time for these frigid temperatures! Knit in one piece, the unique construction of this roomy cardi makes it a quick, fun knit!

Our sample is photographed in YOTH Daughter in Natural Vanilla. YOTH Daughter is a soft woolen spun worsted weight created with 100% domestic Rambouillet and Merino, milled and spun in Virginia. This one isn't available through our online shop, but if you'd like to place an order, give us a call at the store and we'll be happy to do it over the phone - (615) 354-1007. We stock all four colors of Daughter (Natural Vanilla, Oatmeal, Natural Chocolate & Truffle.

Not interested in making the cardigan? You can still join the Yearlong Knitalong with an afghan block pattern from the Haus of Yarn Block-a-Month Afghan book. The Block-a-Month Knitalong meets at 1:00 pm on Monday, January 8th.

Remember: attendance for Knitalong Mondays is always free! As a genuine 'thank you!' for your participation, all materials purchased at Haus of Yarn that relate directly to each month's knitalong will qualify for double stamps on our Haus of Yarn Reward Card. DOUBLE STAMPS! We really do appreciate your participation and want to encourage as many of you to make as many of the monthly projects as possible. Earning double stamps will make it that much easier!

Not local? No worries! Join the Yearlong Knitalong virtually. Click here to join our group and come knit along with us!

We'd love to see your projects! In process or completed...if you're on Instagram, join in anytime with #yearlongknitalong and #hausofyarntn. Happy shopping, y'all!

Churchmouse Bias Cowl 

Back in Stock!!

Mad Hatter kits from Frabjous Fibers are back in stock! One of our (and obviously yours too!) favorite shop models is the Churchmouse Mohair Bias Loop pattern. While we do have a sample worked with a silk-mohair blend, a different shop model using one of the Mad Hatter mini skein kits seems to be your favorite! And the ever-popular Mice In the Tea and Off With Her Red colorways from Frabjous Fibers are back in the shop!  There are more colors to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding a favorite. Note: our sample is knit on much smaller needles than the pattern calls for (we used size US 8) and with bigger yarn!

Elephant Project

A Different Kind of Trunk Show!

You've knit for babies, you've knit for your dog, and there's a very good chance that you've knitted for penguins or chickens. Well, here's your chance to knit for elephants!

Our good friend Katharina Gauss recently volunteered at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, where she got a crash course in the ongong abuse of Asian elephants.

The founder of ENP, Lek Chailert, has dedicated her life to rescuing abused elephants and giving them the life they deserve.  Among several other projects around Asia, Lek has started working with an elephant camp in Myanmar that currently has seven orphaned baby elephants.  Young elephants depend on their mothers until well into their teens; if the mothers are killed by poachers, their offspring are orphaned long before they're ready to live independently.

Did you know that it gets bitterly cold in Myanmar? We didn't either, but we do know we can help these little orphans defend against the winter weather because Elephant Nature Park has put out a call for some blankets to help keep these little guys warm.

Since spending time at ENP, Katharina has been looking for a way to give back to these beautiful creatures; we feel so lucky that she contacted us at Haus to help get some blankets made!

For the next two Saturdays, January 6th and 13th, we'll be meeting at Haus from 1-4pm to knit/crochet some elephant blankets. Everyone is welcome!

A little advance information about the blankets we're making:

  • Size:  Finished blankets will need to be 36"x60"
  • Yarn:  Acrylic or acrylic blend (machine washable/dryable), worsted weight (like Encore) - any color!
  • Size 9 needles
  • Can be knitted or crocheted
  • No specific pattern needed; garter stitch is fine!
  • If you'd like to help but can't make it to the store for the knitalong, you can drop off pre-made strips measuring 36"x12" and we'll then seam several strips together to make a complete blanket. You can also bring any scrap yarn you have at home - as long as it's worsted weight acrylic or acrylic blend, we'll use it!

While we know turnaround is short, the goal is to get a few blankets done and in the mail by the end of January so these babies can use them this winter. Let's get together and help them feel warm and loved -- and we all know they'll never forget it!