Who Has Pom Pom Fever?


It sure doesn't feel like winter is coming...heck, it doesn't even faintly feel like fall out there...but actual temperatures have never kept a knitter from preparing for holiday gifting! We've worked up a fresh sample of our ever-popular Twisted Rib hat pattern, knit with just one skein of Luscious Llama from Elsbeth Lavold. This is a delicious 100% baby llama yarn that's absolutely heaven to touch. Soft and smooth, this 2-ply bulky weight yarn is ideal for accessories worn close to the skin! We especially like this hat paired with one of our Faux Fox fur pom poms - each with a snap fastener, allowing the wearer to decide if they're having a pom pom kind of day or not. But who doesn't have a pom pom kind of day?

The sample is pictured (upper right) in Luscious Llama #20 Wakama, along with #11 Dark Green pom pom. Pattern is free with purchase of the project.

Try these other fantastic combos:

  • #14 Blue pom with #07 Klein Blue
  • #18 Grey pom with #18 Silverstone
  • #13 Gold pom with #08 Navy Blue
  • #6 Natural pom with #17 Tumbleweed
  • #15 Purple pom with #14 Dusky Purple
  • #5 Burgundy pom with #09 Foxy Red