Newsletter 525

by Meg Strong
Who Has Pom Pom Fever?


It sure doesn't feel like winter is coming...heck, it doesn't even faintly feel like fall out there...but actual temperatures have never kept a knitter from preparing for holiday gifting! We've worked up a fresh sample of our ever-popular Twisted Rib hat pattern, knit with just one skein of Luscious Llama from Elsbeth Lavold. This is a delicious 100% baby llama yarn that's absolutely heaven to touch. Soft and smooth, this 2-ply bulky weight yarn is ideal for accessories worn close to the skin! We especially like this hat paired with one of our Faux Fox fur pom poms - each with a snap fastener, allowing the wearer to decide if they're having a pom pom kind of day or not. But who doesn't have a pom pom kind of day?

The sample is pictured (upper right) in Luscious Llama #20 Wakama, along with #11 Dark Green pom pom. Pattern is free with purchase of the project.

Try these other fantastic combos:

  • #14 Blue pom with #07 Klein Blue
  • #18 Grey pom with #18 Silverstone
  • #13 Gold pom with #08 Navy Blue
  • #6 Natural pom with #17 Tumbleweed
  • #15 Purple pom with #14 Dusky Purple
  • #5 Burgundy pom with #09 Foxy Red