Newsletter 570

by Meg Strong

Cats and Yarn and Cats and Yarn and Cats and Yarn

Yadda yadda yadda, we said cats and yarn. Do you REALLY need the details?  Well, okay.  We've got these awesome (or should we say MEOWSOME?) new accessories in the shop for the, oh, one or two of you out there who go for cats and yarn. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.




Shop Favorite - Two New Colors!!

The Katia Air Lux Poncho Kit has quickly become one of our favorites!  It. Is. Gorgeous. It's knit in Air Lux from Katia -- a super-soft fingering weight yarn with a silky, shiny metallic core and a fuzzy Merino halo. Every bit as soft as it looks, that wooly halo adds a layer of mystery and depth, while still allowing the pattern's lace and open work to show through. The pattern has you knit two rectangles that you then seam together; Sandra broke the rules a bit (she don't need no stinkin' RULES!) and knit just one really long rectangle that she then folded in half and seamed up along one side to make a poncho (because she's a genius). Whichever way you choose to knit it, it'll be a beauty! 


We've got kits ready in five glorious choices (clockwise from upper left): #61 Charcoal, #78 Pearl (NEW!!!), #60 Light Blue, #73 Mauve (NEW!! but we'd have named it red!) and #71 Coffee (which we'd have named champagne if they'd have asked us!). Click here to grab one for yourself. Get it on your needles now and you'll be wearing it during the 2019 holiday party season! Just don't wear it when Sandra's wearing hers if y'all happen to be at the same party!