Newsletter 590

by Meg Strong

Big Bad Wool: How We Love You!

If you've ever been in the shop, you may have noticed the samples we've knit using Weepaca from Big Bad Wool. Well, we now have five new samples on display! Weepaca is an incredibly soft blend of fine washable merino and baby alpaca, and Leah and Meg both went on hat-knitting-binges between Christmas and the new year!


While perusing Ravelry, Meg discovered new-to-her designer Evgeniya Vashutkina and knit the Graphite Hat (top left) then knit a bucket-list pattern, The Owen Hat (top right). Leah also discovered new-to-her A. Opie Designs and knit the Opelika Hat (bottom left) and the McKenzie Hat (bottom right)! It wasn't a competition, but Leah won anyway because she then turned around and designed a simple, two color stockinette beanie with a brim that can be left unfolded slouch-style or folded for a more fitted beanie! You can find that pattern, Bright Ideas, by clicking here! We've also got two of our longtime favorite samples: Henry's Bunny and the Watercolors baby blanket!


We've got over forty-five colors in stock! Which ones will you choose? Click here to check them all out... have fun!