Newsletter 595

by Meg Strong

Harry Potter: Knitting Magic

Introducing the first official Harry Potter knitting book! Harry Potter: Knitting Magic is a deluxe guide to creating over 25 authentic Harry Potter knits.

Channel the magic of Harry Potter with the ultimate knitter’s guide to the Wizarding World. Featuring over 25 magical knits pictured in gorgeous full-color photography, this book includes patterns for clothing, home projects, and keepsakes. With yarn suggestions based on the true colors used in the films, projects range from simple patterns like the Hogwarts house scarves to more complex projects like Mrs. Weasley’s Christmas sweaters. A true fan must-have, this book also includes fun facts, original costume sketches, film stills, and other behind-the-scenes treasures. Harry Potter: Knitting Magic is sure to have you summoning needles, conjuring yarn, and practicing your best knitting wizardry!


Don't Worry, Crocheters: Harry's in the Haus for You, Too!

Crochet your own magic and conjure up these adorable figures of “the boy who lived” and his friends with Harry Potter Crochet Kit as your guide! All the spells you need to make amigurumi dolls of Harry Potter and Dobby are included: yarn, stuffing, needle and thread, safety eye beads, and a special magic wand crochet hook! A 76-page instruction book gives step-by-step directions to make ten more magical models, and the full-color photos will ensure your projects turn out completely enchanting. Wave your wand in this direction to grab one!



Ricorumi Bunny!

Every year at this time, Meg heads to Mexico for a little R&R and always takes a project. Jammed into this year's carry-on was one of the new Ricorumi kits we've put together -- in this case, the adorable crocheted bunny! If you can manage a single crochet, these cuties are a piece of cake to make and are perfect for vacation mode crafting!

We have three different color combos to choose from; green, pink and blue (Meg worked up the green one). Each kit contains a copy of the Ricorumi Heartbreakers booklet, all necessary yarn, button eyes and a crochet hook ~ click here to see them all! 

*not included is the necessary wadding (or stuffing).