Newsletter 596

by Meg Strong

One Magical Yarn - Two Magical Samples!

We love the 2nd Chance Shawl for its pure, clean simplicity. It's generously-sized and nothing but stockinette stitch bordered with a simple crocheted pop of color. Knit using two skeins of Isager Spinni, the 2nd Chance is probably best described as a bit "scratchy," but just throw it your machine on the delicate/hand wash cycle and the yarn blooms into an incredibly soft fabric -- it's magic! -- and why the pattern is called 2nd Chance!  We'll include the pattern from Tutto Santa Fe when you order any combination of Isager Spinni and Shibui Silk Cloud (which is used for the crocheted edge).

The Soft Washed Herringbone Mitts incorporate the same principle: knit them up using just one skein of Isager Spinni yarn, throw them in your machine on the delicate/hand wash cycle and watch the magic happen. 
The dense, springy fabric softens, blurs, and fuzzes ever-so-slightly. Meg documented the fabric before and after washing; check her Ravelry page for photos here! We love to squish both of these samples, we'll admit it!

Shop Isager Spinni here and for the Shibui Shilk Cloud pop of color, pop over here!