Newsletter 608

by Meg Strong

The Shawl Must Go On! 

The Breathe and Hope shawl, originally designed by Casapinka for 2020 Local Yarn Store Day, debuts right on time this week...despite most LYS's being closed due to COVID-19. The shawl must go on!

Colorwise, we were feeling starved for something bright and cheery, so we put together eight kit combinations that fit the billTwo of the combos (celadon & koi, royalty & day dreams) use Birdies Knits fingering weight hand-dyed cotton, while the other six use Old Rusted Chair fingering weight hand-dyed merino wool.

The pattern is free for a limited time with a purchase of 800 yards of fingering weight yarn (that includes our kits!). Once your order is complete, an email will be sent with a code that YOU will need to enter during the pattern purchase/download process over at Ravelry. That pattern will go live Friday, April 24th at 8am EST. Click HERE to locate the pattern on Ravelry. The code to get the free pattern will be usable Friday, April 24th at 8am EST and will ONLY work until midnight on Sunday, April 26th; after that, you gotta pay for the pattern. In order: buy 800 yards of fingering, get a code in your email in-box, go to Ravelry and put the Breathe and Hope shawl pattern in your cart, enter the code you received from us during your Ravelry checkout. Voila!

Oh, and by the way...we really wanted to recreate the sample shawl that Casapinka shared on social media...and we feel like we nailed it with the Celadon + Koi cotton combo from Birdies Knits!

Click HERE to see all the kit options!


More Casapinka!

We're keeping it all in the Casapinka family this week, and throwing it back to LYS Day 2019 with this kit! 

Magical Thinking was designed specifically for Local Yarn Shop Day 2019, and we love it so much, we're still recommending knitting it in 2020! The design is meant to drape over the shoulders to some degree -- but not necessarily envelope you poncho-style. The pattern includes two sizes, and you can wear it bunched up like a bandana cowl or longer like a short, uh, poncho. It's knit top down and seamless, with a variety of stitches to keep it interesting. Designed for solids, speckles, variegated (or a combination of all three!), we used three of local dyer Old Rusted Chair's glorious colors: two tonal and one speckle; click HERE for those kits!

And hey-ho, here's a thing! When you purchase either of these kits, Haus will purchase the Magical Thinking pattern for you! Please enter your Ravelry user name (NOT YOUR PASSWORD!!) in the notes section during your checkout and we'll buy it for you!