Newsletter 616

by Meg Strong

Together Apart

Melanie Berg has released a spectacular pattern for our times: Together Apart. In her own words: "I came up with Together Apart as a lovely way to reach out to your BFF, because even if you can't be together, you can knit a 'hug' and send it to them to show how much you care!"

We decided to take that idea a step further and recommend yarns created by the hands of our own friends -- we've got several combos that consists of full skeins of Sylvan from Nashville's Camellia Fiber Co. and a mini contrast cake from Stranded Dyeworks. Our sample is knit in the ivory, piñata and limoncello combination and we absolutely LOVE it! 

We've also put together a few other exciting combinations we love - once we began putting combinations together, we had a difficult time stopping! Quantities of those are super-limited, so if you see one you love, go for it!

Together Apart is an asymmetrical triangle shawl knit with a garter stitch body, interspersed with sections of lace. It's a great project for beginning-to-intermediate lace knitters! That said, Mama Jo didn't quite make the deadline for newsletter publication, so our photos up top are "in-progress" - there'll be about fifteen more rows of lace when it's finished Monday afternoon! We'll post a finished photo on our Instagram feed (@hausofyarntn), so if you're not following us on IG, now's the time to do it! The photo directly below is Melanie's finished object photo from the pattern.


Shop Together Apart kits here!
Find the Together Apart pattern here!
You'll need a 24" US 4 needle; if you need one, click here for an addi Rocket, if you prefer wood, 
click here!