Newsletter 619

by Meg Strong

It's been a tumultuous week and we want to kick off this newsletter by saying that we whole-heartedly support the Black Lives Matter movement and we genuinely hope you've taken some time - as we have -  to think about ways to support it...and not just in quick social media posts, but actual engagement

Firstly! We want to encourage you to get involved on a personal level by voting -- and not just in the big November election. Systemic racism is present in our society and politics on almost every level and you as a voter turning up to the polls for every single election absolutely makes a difference. You vote for the people who either make policy decisions themselves or appoint the people who do. There is power in your hands (or if you have electronic voting machines, in your single finger!) to effect change on every level. Exercise that power by voting in every election, no matter how large or small the stakes may seem: county clerk, school board, councilperson, local commissioner, governor, president. All of them.


  •      • If you are not registered to vote, do it

  •      • If you do not know where to vote, now you do

  •      • If you are outraged by what you are seeing or experiencing and want to weigh in but do not know who your representative is, find out

  •      • If you feel moved to give your senator a piece of your mind, let us point the way


Secondly! Support as many Black-owned small businesses as you can (here's a list just of Black-owned restaurants in Nashville; there are many of these lists and interactive maps just a quick Google search away), and we encourage you to support any or all of these organizations who are standing up and doing some of the hardest work of all:



Even more specifically, support BIPOC fiber makers and artists. Haus carries a range of products from KnittinBroLady Dye YarnsChannyPea's CornerCamellia Fiber Co and Nerd Bird Makery  -- and we encourage you to follow those links (just click on those names!) and shop from them directly! Seek out others on social media to know where and how they sell their goods (there are quite a few who don't wholesale to stores -- but you can buy directly from them!).

There are many ways to protest injustice. We encourage you to not only participate in the ones you're comfortable with, but also the ones you are uncomfortable with. We find that discomfort tends to indicate that we're learning something and the more we all know, all the better for the world.


Hug Shot! Now with Old Rusted Chair!

Hug Shot has been insanely popular! Casapinka has graciously extended her free pattern code for Hug Shot through midnight June 14

Over the past week, our friend Lou at Old Rusted Chair put together a handful of gorgeous combos for us (and took the fantastic photos too!). If you were sad about missing out on any of the previous combinations, you really hit the jackpot by waiting, because these are all fantastic! ORC combos are pictured above; remaining in-stock combos from last week's newsletter are below!

The Hug Shot Shawl is an asymmetric rectangle (or “boomerang”) shawl that begins at the small end and ends with a wide border at the opposite end. There are slipped stitches - along with garter and stockinette - making it a fairly easy project. 

Kit pairings contain two skeins; one skein is tonal and one is a multi - perfectly paired!!

Click HERE to shop our Hug Shot kits! You'll need a 24" US 6 needle, need one? Click HEREFind the pattern HERE!

Once you've purchased a kit, we'll email you a code for the pattern (redeemable on Ravelry).  The codes MUST be redeemed no later than June 14th. After that, the code WILL NOT work and you'll be BUYING the pattern.