Newsletter 638

by Meg Strong



We Love Pressed Flowers!

We're over the moon for Pressed Flowers from designer Amy Christoffers. This generously-scaled shawl utilizes Mosaic Knitting, a slip-stitch technique that's a clever way to create elaborate, colorful designs using only basic stitches (knit, slip and occasionally purl). An added bonus with mosaic knitting is that you'll only be knitting with one color every row. While the setup rows are explained with written out, row-by-row instructions, the remainder of the pattern is illustrated in chart form.


For ours, we used Queensland Kathmandu DK in Seashell for the background color and Brooklyn Tweed Dapple in Medallion for the flowers. There are loads of beautiful color combinations to choose from; if you're looking for a combination with a little more contrast, try Kathmandu in Seashell paired with Dapple in Cerise (both pictured below, lower left). 

Kathmandu and Dapple are both wool blends, with emphasis on the wool content. if you'd prefer an option that isn't primarily wool, try mixing Berroco Remix Light with Noro Geshi (both pictured below, lower right). While Remix Light is 100% wool-free, the Geshi does contain 10% wool -- so if you're wool-allergic, you might want to consider two colors of Remix Light!

Shop Kathmandu HEREYou'll need two skeins.
Shop Dapple HEREYou'll need three skeins.
Shop Remix Light HEREYou'll need two skeins.
Shop Geshi HEREYou'll need one skein.

You can find the pattern HERE!