Newsletter 660

by Meg Strong



Lace Link Cowl

You might remember the Lace Link Cowl that we all worked on together during the 2020 Yearlong Knitalong. Ours back then was made using two solid colors, but this week we had a lightbulb moment and started wondering... WHAT would it look like if one of the skeins was a variegate!? Only one way to find out, right?

So...currently on our needles is another Lace Link Persistence from Knitted Wit's HERstory capsule collection, paired with Katia Concept Mohair in 36 Pink. We are beyond thrilled so far with our progress (color combo upper right)!  The Lace Link Cowl
 is easy-peasy --even though it may look hard, it's nothing but slipping a stitch. After we finish this one, we plan to tackle another one using Herstory Worsted in Brave Enough and Katia Concept Mohair in 10 Ebony!


That lightbulb moment came just in time, since the March installment of the Knitted Wit Birds & Bees club arrived! The March club shipment includes four glorious colorways inspired by Bees! We've come up with some Knitted Wit Worsted/Katia Concept Mohair pairings that highlight the Bees collection; any of them will make a beautiful Lace Link! You'll need one skein each of Knitted Wit Worsted and Katia Concept Mohair.


     • Green Leaf Cutter Bee paired with Katia Mohair 33 Navy (above, lower left)
     • Wool Carder Bee paired with Katia Mohair 46 Amber (next to that one)
     • Polyester Bee paired with Katia Mohair 03 Gray (above, lower right)
     • Cuckoo Bee paired with Katia Mohair 21 Lemon (next to that one)

    Shop Knitted Wit HERstory HERE or Knitted Wit Birds & Bees HERE! Then head over to Katia Concept 50 Shades of Mohair where you'll find fifty shades to choose from! The pattern for the Lace Link Cowl is available HERE!


    Lotus Beanie, Anyone?

    It's no secret that our entire industry has supply chain issues, but we are beginning to see a little movement on some highly-in-demand yarns that have been on order for a bit. Malabrigo Rasta is one of them! While our orders are not quite arriving complete, it's definitely better than receiving nothing!

    If you went nuts over the Lotus Flower Beanie that published back in January (and y'all did go nuts!), we finally have some skeins of highly-coveted Natural in stock, so those flowers will really pop! 

    Shop Rasta HERE! The only in-stock colors right now are Aniversario, Natural, Fuchsia, Fog, Lotus, Whales Road, Abril, Coronilla, 
    Bahamas Green, Fiesta, Sabiduria and Jacinto. Lots of choices, though!

    Two skeins - one each of two different colors -  will make two adult size hats (one the reverse of the other, colorwise).

    The Lotus Beanie pattern is available HERE