Newsletter 664

by Meg Strong


Local Yarn Store Day!

It's that time of year again: Local Yarn Store Day! Thank you so much for your support over the years, but over this past year especially. Part of the thing that keeps us going is knowing how much you value us and continue to show us as much love as you do, even when it's as difficult to do in person as it has been over the last year. To say we couldn't have made it without you is the understatement of the century!

As you know, we love supporting local, woman-owned small businesses and have long valued their friendships and support. They've returned that friendship many times over, and to help celebrate the fourth annual Local Yarn Store Day, three of them dyed some incredible yarn exclusively for Haus. We're thrilled to share with you these limited edition yarns, dyed by three truly inspiring women.


Rin from MoFibers dyed up Nashville Garden, 438 yards of fingering weight 100% Merino wool. Nashville Garden is naturally dyed using marigolds, cosmos and other flowers from Rin's can't get more local than that!


Lou from Old Rusted Chair (ORC) dyed up Haus Special, 400 yards of sock weight 80/20 SW Merino/nylon. This is a spectacular speckled ode to spring with an incredibly rich combination of gorgeous color!


Silbia from Camellia Fiber Co. (CFC) dyed up four flower-inspired colors specifically for Haus, each skein with 490 yards of 100% Merino fingering weight yarn. Silbia is known for her distinct, subtle color palette and the four colors she dyed for Haus are simply spectacular! A kiss of yellow for Buttercup, a tinge of green for Willow, a touch of purple for Lilac and a blush of pink for Cherry Blossom.

Click here to grab one (or more!) of these verrry limited edition yarns! 

Looking for a little single-skein pattern inspiration to compliment these beauties? We like both Herald and Wildheart for these yarns. We love both of these shawls and they make great use of these truly special fingering weight single skeins.



The Zinnia Collection from MoFibers

Also for Local Yarn Shop Day: Rin from MoFibers delivered a bouquet of gorgeous yarns inspired by zinnias. Zinnias are one of our favorite flowers; they're easy to grow and they're truly the gift that keeps on giving ~ they don't call them "cut-and-come-again" for nothing!


The six colors in the Zinnia Collection, naturally hand-dyed in Nashville by Rin, take their inspiration from a bouquet of summer zinnias: Fuchsia, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange and a light pink called Haus Rosé. Each is 438 yards of fingering weight 100% Merino wool. Click here to pick one of your own!