Newsletter 666

by Meg Strong

LINE from Sandnes Garn

It's been alllllmost a year to the day since we first shared Anker's Summer Shirt with you. Alas, the yarn we used for that sample has since been discontinued. But we knew even way back then that we'd need to find a new yarn for it! This week, we added an entirely new line of yarn just to make it happen! Why do we love the Anker's Summer Shirt so much? We love its simplicity and elegance and...well, let's just put it in bold letters: other than weaving in the ends, there's absolutely no finishing!  

Our brand new shop sample (pictured above!!!) is worked up in LINE, a 53% cotton/33% viscose/14% linen blend from Norway. It's incredibly soft and it's super-easy to care for (machine wash), which makes it ideal for frequently-used spring and summer items. 


Shop LINE from Sandnes Garn HERE! You can find the Anker's Summer Shirt pattern HERE!

If you'd prefer a lighter-weight version, the Anker Tee is written for fingering weight yarn. Perfect for that is LINE's Tynn, which is available riiiight HERE!

For those of you lusting over the Champagne Cardigan pattern PetiteKnit recently released...yes, we also have Double Sunday AND Tynn Silk Mohair in stock! Click HERE! We're furiously working up a sample and will share that ASAP! 


 Note: it may seem a little tricky calculating yardage for the Anker's Summer Shirt, since you have to convert the pattern's specified grams to yards, but just check the chart below for help.  Use it to purchase the appropriate number of skeins!  Anker's Summer Shirt is designed with 0-2" of ease, so pick a size no larger than 2" bigger than your actual bust measurement. 

And remember: your bust measurement is not your bra size, ladies! It's what you measure allll the way around your chest at its fullest! It's easier to explain when you're right in front of us and we can just tell you to raise your arms, yank out a tape to measure you and then tell you what size to make...but you can do it!