Newsletter 674

by Meg Strong


Sandnes Garn Double Sunday + Tynn Silk Mohair

Back in April when we shared our newest sample of the Anker's Summer Shirtwe miiiight have dropped a little hint that another PetiteKnit pattern was on our needles...well, it's STILL on Meg's needles! 


The Champagne Cardigan is worked from the top down with raglan increases on the yoke and a deep V-neck - and the minute we laid eyes on it, we wanted it in our closet! Worked holding two strands of yarn together (one strand of Sandnes Garn Double Sunday and one strand of Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair), the fabric produced is incredibly soft. There's just something magical how that lace weight strand of silk mohair adds so much squishy softness to the fabric!


Shop Sandnes Garn Double Sunday HERE and Tynn Silk Mohair HERE !
The pattern for Champagne Cardigan can be found HERE !


Note: it may seem a little tricky calculating yardage for the Champagne Cardigan (since the pattern specifies grams), but we've done some of the figuring for you. Just check the chart below for help with the appropriate number of skeins of both Double Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair!