Newsletter 677

by Meg Strong


Tilly: Big Bang for Bargain Bucks!

Have you knit yourself a Tilly yet? Tilly is a simple top, knit in the round from the top down. A few short rows are worked across the upper back for slight shaping. Since it's worked top down, you'll be able to try it on as you knit, which helps determine the length that suits your personal preference best! Knit at a loose gauge, we love it because it works up quickly and is a great layering piece. Sizing ranges from a 50" to a 71 1/2" circumference; it's intended to be worn with a little swing, so you'll want to choose a size that measures at least 10" larger than what you measure at your fullest bust measurement. 

For our sample, we used Silkiull from Navia, a delicious blend of silk and wool. Because it's worked at a loose gauge, minimal yardage is required; the 50" and 52" only require three skeins of Silkiull, the 55 1/2", 60" and 71 1/2" require only four! At $8.50 per skein, we're talking minimal bucks here, folks, with maximum results... $25.50 - $34 for an ENTIRE sweater!

Shop Navia Silkiull HERE! There are fifteen available shades... including the four NEW colors shown above!