Newsletter 686

by Meg Strong

A Buncha Stuff Knit in Ultra Alpaca!

According to the calendar, it's allllmost decorative gourd season! And though it's still hot out there, if we're going to be appropriately dressed for that pumpkin-spice latte, we need to start knitting those autumn ensembles! A HUGE restock of a shop favorite arrived recently: thirty colors of Ultra® Alpaca from Berroco! We've long loved Ultra® Alpaca for its ideal blend of luxurious super fine alpaca and Peruvian Highland wool that's then spun perfectly round and light. 

Cloudberry, from designer Amy Christoffers, utilizes three colors of Berroco Ultra® Alpaca to create a pair of fun fingerless mitts...and with thirty colors in stock, you have an almost endless number of color combinations. Find the Cloudberry pattern HERE! You'll need one skein each in three different colors

Rye, from designer Thea Coleman, is a timeless cardi worked in the round from the bottom up with lovely textured panels flatteringly placed on the sleeves and body. Size ranges from a 36" bust to a 60" bust. For specific yardage requirements (and to grab the pattern), click HERE! The cardigan in the photo is knit up in Pea Soup. The color, not the bowl of soup. 

Shop Berroco Ultra® Alpaca HERE!

Faux Fur Poms!

YOU CAN BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF: WE HAVE POMPOMS! Go alllll in with one of these fabulous faux raccoon poms; the span from tip to tip measures approximately 6", and they're available in ten glorious colors! If a 6" pom is just a little too much of a commitment for you, well 1. what's wrong with you? and 2. how about a 3" one? We have seventeen colors of that size available!

Both the 6" and the 3" versions easily attach to your hat with a snap for a simple on/off, "feel like a pom day" or not!

You may already know this, but to really make your poms shine (especially after shipping or storing for the summer months) give them a quick "refresh" with a hair dryer!

Shop 6" poms HERE and 3" poms HERE!

FYI, that's the Graphite hat from designer EVVASH using three colors of Weepaca from Big Bad Wool. We shared it with you back in 2019 and we STILL love it! Our sample uses one skein each in Raw White, Fruit Loop and Night Owl. Find Weepaca HERE!