Newsletter 692

by Meg Strong


"Does Barry Manilow Know That You Raid His Wardrobe?"
The Breakfast Yarn Club Collection

A few weeks ago, our friends at Magpie Fibers released these amazing collections of "The Breakfast Club"-themed DK and Sock yarn, and we fell in love with them from the photos alone. The only problem? They weren't available to stores. We begged (and we begged) and they finally relented and sent us a short little stack of sets.

Each set is made up of

  • one skein each of the collection’s five colorways in DK or Sock. Each of the movie's main characters are represented in their own yarntastic form: The Princess, The Brain, The Athlete, The Basket Case, and The Criminal

  • 1 full-sized The Breakfast Yarn Club notebook, available exclusively in this kit

  • 1 limited edition Breakfast Yarn Club acrylic pin

  • 1 limited edition Breakfast Yarn Club sticker

Each hank is perfect for a single-skein project, but if you'd like to go bigger, each "member" of The Breakfast Yarn Club pairs beautifully with other in-stock Magpie favorites (the following links go to Swanky Sock, but most are available in DK as well):

Grab your Breakfast Yarn Club set HERE