Newsletter 697

by Meg Strong


Bay Throw Kits...Restocked at Last!

Who's ready for a soothing hug in time for the holidays? We know we are!

Luckily, some Bay from Plymouth Yarns just arrived! Bay is the biggest yarn we've seen that doesn't break the bank! Seven skeins of Bay is enough to complete the Reversible Cable Cars thrown from the Railroad Park Throws pattern and - once completed - sure feels like a hug!  

The pattern calls for a US 35 needle; we used a US 19 because we really wanted our cabling efforts to pop! Either way, this one will work up quickly and we think our sample turned out amazing!
Each kit contains seven skeins of Bay, one 40" US 19 circular needle, one jumbo cable needle and the pattern!

Shop Bay Throw Kits HERE!

*Our sample measures 45" x 45" and is shown in Light Grey.

Awesome Book Alert: "Crochet Crush" Preorder!

Timeless fashion and modern practicality are the starting points for Molla Mills’ "Crochet Crush". The 23 crochet patterns include both home decor and accessories, making everyday aesthetics accessible to everyone.

This book is a collection, so you can combine patterns and vary the colors to your liking. Instead of ready-to-buy, Molla encourages her readers to make their own pieces with quality materials and enjoy the slow process. The mind calms down as soon as the first chain loop is crocheted.

Order your copy of "Crochet Crush" HERE!