Newsletter 700

by Meg Strong


MoFibers ~ Back in STOCK!

We're thrilled to have back on our shelves two different yarns from local dyer Modus Operandi, each available in twelve glorious botanically-dyed colors! Fingering, a 70/30 blend of superwash merino wool and silk, is a single-ply high twist that's silky smooth with a very slight sheen that adds amazing depth. Lace, a 72/28 blend of kid mohair and silk, is lace-weight and non-superwash; it's fluffy, soft, and perfect for holding with a strand of the fingering to create a halo effect.

Holding both Fingering and Lace Mohair Silk together, we knit this lucious Interlude Shawl. We love this one; it's lightweight, fully reversible and - especially with this yarn - incredibly drapey. Knit from the top down in garter stitch and simple fishnet lace, it's a masterpiece of delicate simplicity! We love the styling versatility as well; wear it like a traditional shawl, scrunch it up and style like a scarf or place the crescent shape in the front like a cowl! 

While pawing through the box, Meg declared that her 2022 New Year's Day cast-on would be the Leni hat, from designer Isabell Kraemer! The pattern is written holding a single strand of Fingering along with a single strand of Lace and begins with a folded brim that gives way to a small delicate band of texture that adds just the right amount of interest. Now she's just got to decide which of the twelve amazing colors she'll use!

Shop Modus Operandi yarns HERE! You'll need a single skein of Modus Operandi Fingering and a single skein of Lace for either the shawl or the hat.

Get your hands on the Interlude Shawl pattern HERE and the Leni Hat pattern HERE!

Shawl color is Evergreen
Leni photo: © Isabell Kraemer