Newsletter 709

by Meg Strong

Noro Silk Garden ~ New Colors!

We just got in a shipment of all new shades of perennial shop favorite Noro Silk Garden, and they have us obsessively making color pairs for the Noro Striped Scarf. This scarf is worked over an odd number of stitches in 1x1 ribbing, which has two big benefits: the scarf is reversible and "behaves" well (no curling edges!) while also plumping up into thick fabric that looks suspiciously stockinette-like if you leave it unblocked. Choose two different colors of Silk Garden (two skeins of each, for a total of four); work two rows from one color, then two rows from the second color and so on and so on. The trick to color choice is to pick two that don't have too much of the same color in common.

Shop Noro Silk Garden HERE! You'll need two skeins each of two different colors (four total).
Find the pattern for the scarf HERE!