Newsletter 722

by Meg Strong


Noro Yukata!

Waiting on orders for yarn we placed looonnng ago isn't always a bad thing. We actually FORGOT we even ordered this one, so it was a wonderful surprise when it showed up!

Yukata is made with the same special blend of fibers (silk/wool/polyamide) and color twists as the ever popular Tsunami, just in a finer gauge. And are you ready for this? Each skein contains a whopping 787 yards and is available in eight truly breathtaking colors! 

The Josephinentuch/Josephine Shawl has to be one of our all-time favorite on-the-go projects. It's just simple garter stitch, with one teensy little increase every other row.  We tend to make it over and over again with self-striping yarn, but we've found we're particularly fond of it worked up in Noro's signature palette of luscious, slow-changing colorways.

Shop Yukata HERE -- pick a color, add one skein for the Josephine Shawl to your cart and your search for a summer travel project is complete. The Josephine Shawl up in the top photo is worked with a long-ago discontinued Noro yarn, but if you want a similar color sequence, we think #11 Fukuoka is a good bet.

The newest Noro Magazine features a cleverly constructed crocheted retro ruana pattern named Augustina (above, bottom two photos) -- three large triangles and two half triangles are pieced together so the colorful rows move in alternating directions...brilliant! For Augustina, you'll need four skeins of Yukata and we'll be including a paper copy of the pattern for free! Shop Yukata HERE -- the sample is pictured in color #14 Osaka.