Newsletter 724

by Meg Strong


Indoors: Ten Practical Projects

Every now and again, we get in the shop a book that we start marking with post-it notes immediately. Our personal copy of Erika Knight's Indoors: Ten Practical Projects now has ten post-it notes in it.

Pillows, wall hangings, plant pots, blankets...even a cardigan and a pullover. All ten projects are chic and stylish and have a verrrry high "I want it!" factor.

We've featured here some that make the most of Rowan's Creative Linen, which we're stocking in ten on-trend colors, a handful of which you can see below.

With a crisp look but a soft feel, Creative Linen is a winner for spring and summer knits. Great stitch definition really highlights textured stitches, but even simple stockinette looks like a million bucks. Creative Linen is a 50/50 blend of linen and cotton, so it washes and wears beautifully.

Which is a good thing, because we're making all ten of the danged things in this book.

You can grab the book right HERE. You can take a gander at the patterns right HERE if you wanna get going on the "how many skeins do I need?" part of the process! And you can grab Creative Linen right HERE.