Newsletter 728

by Meg Strong

New Colors of Line + Anker's Summer Shirt

Four new colors of Line worsted arrived this week, bringing the total to twenty-five! We love this one for many reasons: it's affordable ($7.50/skein), it's incredibly soft (the entire Line collection is made with a cotton/viscose/linen blend, meaning no wool, which is good news for those of you with wool allergies!), it's machine washable and is a great tran-seasonal blend that's comfortable year-round. The blend offers the soft and absorbent properties of cotton and viscose, combined with the cool feeling of linen. 

Have you made an Anker's yet!?!? Why do we love the Anker's Summer Shirt so much? We love its simplicity and elegance and...well, let's just put it in bold letters: other than weaving in the ends, there's absolutely no finishing! 

Shop Line Worsted HERE! It's absolutely perfect for Anker's Summer Shirt, which is right HERE!

New Colors of Tykk Line + Deschain

It's been a short two months since Tykk Line arrived stateside and we're happy to report the color palette has already been expanded! Nine new colors hit our shelves last week, which means we're up to sixteen in the shop!

We love Tykk Line for the same reasons we love the original worsted version...and with the added benefit of a chunky weight, your projects will fly off your needles!
Our Deschain sweater pattern obsession from 2017 continues! Our new shop sample is complete and we couldn't be more pleased with our Tykk Line version! Just as the previous samples we made...we omitted knitting the sleeves. It's already ninety-nine gazillion degrees outside and Meg doesn't want any unnecessary fabric touching her! 

Shop Tykk Line HERE! Find the Deschain pattern HERE!