Newsletter 733

by Meg Strong

Ta-Da! It's Wizard Time!

New in the shop: Wizard!

This chainette-constructed 85/15 Superwash Extrafine Merino/Nylon blend is almost weightless, and thanks to being "bulky," its self-striping colorways work up into gorgeous hats, mittens and sweaters in almost no time!

We've got it in eight varied bold and happy vibes and we love it for Aleid, a gorgeous mitten and hat set that's perfect for beginners! You can find the Aleid patterns right HERE. And you know the secret to self-striping yarn, right? If you make these as gifts, people think you worked a lot harder than you did!

Berroco has released a whole batch of patterns for Wizard - some are even written for crocheters! - and you can see and get your hands on those right HERE.

We've got Wizard right HERE; grab some and start working some magic!

Lucca, Revisited!

We first met and told you about Lucca a year ago, and we're still in love with it! It's a soft and buttery worsted cotton and cashmere mashup that really makes stitches pop with its beautiful stitch definition - it's just fantastic for patterns that rely heavily on texture - and that 50/50 cotton/cashmere makeup gives it a deliciously luxurious touch and drape.

Berroco has a new set of Lucca patterns for 2022 and (once again!) it's a head and hands combo that made our hearts go pitter patter. Keats is perfect for intermediate knitters, this set features some gorgeous cabling if you've decided to give that a go. You can do it; it's easy! You can find the Keats patterns right HERE.

But - like Wizard up above - it's not all hats and mitts for sweet Lucca! You can find more - from shawls to ponchos, even a cardi! - from Berroco's 2022 Lucca pattern collection right HERE.

Haus has Lucca in a dozen colors and you can find them all right HERE; we're especially enamored with the new-to-us trio pictured above: lavender, moss and (oooooooo!), ivy.