Newsletter 735

by Meg Strong

Quinny in Kakigori!

You might remember Kakigori from when we introduced you to the Easy Peasy Poncho back in the summer of 2021.

Well, here we are talking about it again (bear with us; you'll see why)! Kakigori is a DK weight blend of cotton, silk, viscose, and polyamide, hand-dyed in nature-inspired colorways. Since it's mostly cotton, we love this one for late summer and fall accessories... the Quinny shawl! Worked up here in Kakigori 08 Iwaki and modeled by our friend and occasional shop helper-outer Alison, Quinny is worked top-down in a striking, simple all-over eyelet pattern. 

You can find eight beautiful colors of Kakigori HERE. You'll only need one ball for Quinny! 

(And if that link to the Easy Peasy Poncho in the first paragraph made your heart-eyes pop, you can still find that pattern RIGHT HERE. )

Heart Connection

A new shipment of Big Bad Wool's Weepaca (a serious shop favorite blend of 50/50 merino/alpaca) prompted us to share a terrific (free!) pattern with you.

Heart Connection is a sweet little hat that features simple ribbing on the edge and a simple, effective stripe of heart-detail colorwork at about the halfway point. If you'll include a note to remind us, we'll include a free copy of the pattern (including a handy little chart for the colorwork bit!) when you purchase the ingredients for Heart Connection. They are:

The photo features a Heart Connection worked up in Raw White, but feel free to go rogue and choose any two shades of Weepaca that strike your fancy. There's about a billion of them.

Hat photo: ©Donna Higgins