Newsletter 736

by Meg Strong

Sparkle Talk #1: Rico Fluffily DK

New for Fall: Rico Creative Fluffily DK is a "lofty" yarn with a soft halo and subtle sparkle that adds a touch of glamour to make your project a bit more luxe. This one has a tubular ply construction; the core is cotton, and the fluffy, sparkly fibers are blown into the cotton core tube giving it that extra "fluff"...we're guessing that's the reason they named this yarn Fluffily!

One of the patterns designed specifically for Fluffily is a genuine showstopper! This generously sized stole (17 1/4" x 90 1/2") is an eight row repeat, and half of them are "rest rows" where you just purl...sooooo, you only have to pay attention half the time! That's our story and we're sticking to it! 

Shop Rico Creative Fluffily HERE! Three cakes are required to complete this fabulous stole. The pattern is only available printed; you can find one HERE!


De-Luxe Air Lux!

Aannnnd one last bit of sparkle! The Katia Air Lux Poncho has been one one of our favorites for a while now, and it's easy to see why:  It. Is. Gorgeous. 

It's knit in Air Lux from Katia -- a super-soft fingering weight yarn with a silky, shiny metallic core and a fuzzy Merino halo. Every bit as soft as it looks, that wooly halo adds a layer of mystery and depth, while still allowing the pattern's lace and open work to show through. The pattern has you knit two rectangles that you then seam together.

Click HERE to grab a kit for yourself. We've currently got two colors in stock, Light Blue and Charcoal. A print copy of the pattern is included!