Newsletter 737

by Meg Strong

Project Ukraine: "Love Rises"

About five months ago, Becca Stevens (author, speaker, priest, social entrepreneur, and the founder and president of Thistle Farms) walked into the store and flat-out proclaimed that Meg would be traveling with her to Germany and Poland to meet with refugee women from Ukraine and help them launch a knitting business. After three seconds of stunned silence, Meg said "great, when do we leave?"

Since all of the women are exceptional and experienced knitters, we hatched a plan for them to begin by making blankets. While we had a interpreter on hand, Meg quickly realized the most efficient method of communicating was to demonstrate. Words were not necessary. 

Since returning home, the Ukrainian group has sent some progress emails and videos and their work is astounding. We're very excited to watch their progress and we have no doubt that the project will be a big success. The finished blankets will eventually be sent to the U.S. and available for purchase via the Thistle Farms website. If you don't already receive their newsletter, do sign up and also give them a follow on Instagram to follow this project and its progress! 

One of the members of the Ukrainian contingent - Maryna -  said to us that it was her dream that when we meet again - and we will! - it'll be in the Ukraine, and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

(In the photo, from left: Thistle Farms' Regina, Irina, Olena, Tetiana, Liudmyla and Thistle Farms' Becca watch Meg review the difference between mattress stitch for garter versus stockinette).

Isager Eco Soft

We unpacked a big box of Isager's newest yarn - Eco Soft - months ago and have been quietly sitting on it (we dared not speak of fuzzy alpaca during these hot as blazes temperatures; we knew that would end poorly!). But here we are, heading into "Fall." With pumpkin spiced lattes returning to every coffee shop and decorative gourd season just around the corner, that means SWEATER SEASON has arrived!

As soon as the Desperate Housewife cardigan (see down below) is off our needles, the Traveler's Cardigan will be on them! Worked from the top down, it features back shaping and dropped shoulders for a relaxed fit. The sleeves are designed to be loose and finished with a balloon cuff. The button band is worked as you go which means less finishing work. A classic design meant for everyday wear!

Find The Traveler's Cardigan HERE! Shop Isager Eco Soft HERE! Eco Soft is a soft and fuzzy undyed blend of alpaca and organic pima cotton; the colors come from the natural variations in the alpaca. It's constructed by taking an organic cotton chainette tube and blowing natural undyed alpaca fibers inside. The result is airy and lightweight with a copious fuzz-fluff halo! 

F/O photo ©Ozetta: Hailey Smedley

WIP: Desperate Housewife

A few weeks ago we featured Melanie Berg's newest cardigan pattern (Desperate Housewife) and are so excited to share a little progress on our sample! We chose Beige as our background color and love how the various colors pop against it. Fingers crossed it'll be finished before the first cold snap. We're not rushing this one; we're just enjoying every stitch! 

There are a few Desperate Housewife yarn bundles available if had your eye on it. You can read more about it here from when we first shared it with you.