Newsletter 740

by Meg Strong



Festival Sweater...Times Two!

With a recent restock of Double Sunday from Sandnes Garn, we allowed ourselves to daydream a bit about what our next Double Sunday-ed sweater might be and it's official: the Festival Sweater by PetiteKnit!

Sandnes Garn's Double Sunday is a soft, durable non-superwash merino with a high squish factor. The Festival Sweater is worked from the top down; the neck edge is folded and knit together and then short rows are worked to shape the neckline. The fun part happens in those stripes (!!!) which are worked in a technique where teeny, tiny bobbles are made. 

Shop Double Sunday HERE! Find the Festival Sweater for adults HERE and the littles HERE.

FO photos: ©PetiteKnit



New Spincycle Colors!

 We recently received a partial restock of a couple of our (and your!) favorites: Spincycle's Dyed in the Wool and Dream State. In addition to getting a hefty fill-up of some of their most beloved colors, we've added a few new gorgeous ones to the lineup...say HELLO to Afternoon Delight, Love Spell and Ranunculus! The Dyed in the Wool versions are pictured above; Dream State is below. Note how much Ranunculus changes when it jumps weights - it's part of the thrill of Spincycle!

Shop allllll the Spincycle HERE!