Newsletter 743

by Meg Strong



It's Almost Cozy Cowl Season!

Cozy cowl season is right around the corner and we're increasingly finding ourselves reaching for the 3-Color Cashmere Cowl and the Soul Warmer, two longtime favorites that have become "go-tos" we knit again and again. Both are lovely little patterns with no complex stitches - both are just matters of assembling stripes, textures and lace in any combination that suits you.

Both are great projects for the Fino Mini Skein bundle. A blend of silk and merino, Fino is bundled in sets of five mini skeins, totaling 490 yards of light fingering weight yarn.

Although the 3-Color Cashmere Cowl pattern is actually written for, ummm, three colors, we veered outside the lines and knit ours with five (we used the Beatrix colorway)...change it up! Live a little! Our Soul Warmer is worked up in the Clarissa combo. Whichever you choose, Fino Mini Bundles have more than enough yardage for you to play around with placement of color!

Shop Fino Mini Skein Bundles HERE.


Ricorumi Christmas CAL

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right: a Christmas Ricorumi Crochet-a-long! Launched this past week (squeeeee!!!), there's a free holiday-themed pattern released every Friday for nine weeks. This adorable "Pretty Reindeer" is the second so far, and we just want to give him a big squeeze!

Grab your Ricorumi DK HERE! The reindeer uses the following colors: 29 (Wine Red), 52 (Light Brown), 23 (Nude), 02 (Cream) and 50 (Fir Green)  One of each is enough to complete your reindeer!

You can grab a 2.5mm or 3mm crochet hook HERE if you need one! Need some stuffing? HERE it is!

You can find the Reindeer pattern right HERE!




Hawthorn Embroidery + Needle Felting Kits

We love these adorable embroidery kits from Hawthorn Handmade and we think they're ideal for beginners. The pattern is pre-printed on the fabric and the kit includes everything else you need to create your own beautiful piece of hoop art. The comprehensive stitch guide gives illustrated instructions for various different stitches. Follow the included color coded pattern for guidance as to what stitch goes where ~ or go your own way and make it truly unique!

Shop Hawthorn Handmade Embroidery Kits HERE!

If embroidery isn't your thing but you've been wanting to give needle felting a try, we think the Hawthorn Handmade kits are also ideal for beginners! They're super user-friendly and include detailed step-by-step instructions to help guide you, showing you how to turn the loose, fluffy wool into a sculpture you can be proud of. 

Feeling stabby? Shop the Hawthorn Handmade Needle Felting Kits HERE!