Newsletter 751

by Meg Strong

Cashsilk Light Magic

Goodness! FedEx dropped two glorious boxes off Friday afternoon, and we tore into them immediately since we knew they contained an order we've been waiting on: fifteen glorious colors of a light, fingering weight blend of merino, silk and cashmere! From Laine du Nord, Cashsilk Light is fantastic for those of you with allergies to mohair but who still want that soft, pillowy halo associated with it. 

Meg absconded with six cakes immediately: three made it into Mama Jo's hands, swatching commenced, a little math got notated, and twenty-four hours later, we had a cowl! This one is super easy: choose three colors of Cashsilk Light and then hold two different strands together to create a truly one-of-a-kind ombre effect that's achieved by simply eliminating one of the strands and replacing it with another color as you work the pattern.

Shop Cashsilk Light HERE! Choose one cake each of three different colors and enjoy every last stitch of this buttery soft yarn! 


Noro Magazine Restock!

We showed you the newest issue of Noro Magazine a few weeks back and WOWZA!  Y'all scooped them up quickly. Another stack has arrived, along with the ingredients to make that spectacular cover sweater! Like the cowl above, this sweater is worked while holding two strands of yarn together, alternating between two strands of beautiful, bright pink and two different colors of Ito for a stunning marled result. 

Here's what you'll need based on selected size:

SIZE XS through L (Bust: 45-49.5") 
2 balls Malvinas + 4 balls (2 each) in 2 colors of Ito. Shown in #43 Konan & #37 Toki

SIZE XL through XXL (Bust: 54-58") 
3 balls of Malvinas + 4 balls (2 each) in 2 colors of Ito.  Shown in #43 Konan & #37 Toki

XXXL through XXXXL (Bust: 62.5")
3 balls of Malvinas + 6 balls (3 each) in 2 colors of Ito.  Shown in #43 Konan & #37 Toki

Grab a copy of Noro Magazine, Issue 21 HERE!