Newsletter 768

by Meg Strong

New on Our Shelves: Berroco Isola!

The colors in Berroco Isola transition beautifully, with a long ombré gradient that gives it a unique color effect. Isola is slightly textured and has a subtle sheen with spectacular drape. Comprised of 38% Cotton, 36% Linen and 26% Viscose, this one is perfect for summer shawls, scarves and lightweight tees.

It's a perfect yarn for the luxurious Keshi shawl, which is generously sized at 15 1/2" wide by 84" long and features an interesting design and technique: it's actually knit in the round, then cut open once completed. Gasp! After you wake up from a dead faint from doing that, the cut stitches are then intentionally dropped and knotted to form the fringe! It's really kind of fiendishly clever.

Shop Isola HERE! You'll need four for this project. Click HERE for more Isola pattern inspiration!

FO Photos: Berroco, Inc

65 South Bucket Bags: Splats!

Try as we might, it's been tough keeping 65 South bags in stock! We were keen to get this particular pattern - Splats - restocked, though, since it's a personal favorite of Meg's and every time she carries it, a bidding war practically breaks out. Persistence pays off, and we're happy to reveal that we have a big stack of them now - so quit trying to buy Meg's off of her!

65 South totes feature a woven outer fabric and a natural cotton duck canvas interior (which makes it easy to see those notions!). The veg-tanned leather handles will darken beautifully over time.These bucket bags are 11" tall x 17" wide x 8" deep and feature generously-sized inside pockets to keep tools tidy and your pattern in its place. And y'all, they're handmade in Alabama...along 65 South, duh.Shop 65 South Bucket Bags HERE!




It's Easter Monday, which explains this basket of brightly colored eggs we found in our yard yesterday. Hey wait a minute...they're not eggs at all! It's a basket full of brightly-colored Calzasocks yarn! Thank you, Easter Bunny (bawk bawk)!

Calzasocks is one of those secret-weapon yarns that makes it look like you did a lot more work than you actually did. Just start knitting up your favorite vanilla sock pattern and the yarn does all the work; each ball creates its own lovely pair of "colorwork" socks!

You can see all eight Calzasocks colorways (and grab one) right HERE! You can grab Easter eggs out of any child's Easter basket. It's a rule.