Newsletter 772

by Meg Strong

The Easy Eyelet Poncho in Creative Linen

Summer knitting - and along with it, vacation planning - has begun and we're helping heaps of people looking for an "easy, wanna always know where I am in the pattern"  sort of project and we're tickled to share this beauty knit with Creative Linen.

The Easy Eyelet Poncho is quite possibly the simplest lace pattern that exists; it’s a one-row repeat (!) where you'll work that one row until the desired length is achieved. Then you just fold it in half, seam it up a bit along one of the edges and  you'll have created a classic, breezy, multi-season layer. Quick to knit, it’s got more holes than yarn!

With a crisp look but a soft feel, Creative Linen is a winner for spring and summer knits. Great stitch definition means that lace and textured patterns really shine. It comes in a fresh color palette of brights and tonals. With a mixture of 50% linen and 50% cotton, Creative Linen will wear and wash beautifully, making it an essential choice for warmer days.

Shop Creative Linen HERE! You'll need three skeins to complete the Easy Eyelet Poncho, along with a 24" circular needle in a US 8. If you need one, we like this one.

FO Photo: ©Churchmouse Yarn & Teas

In Other News: You Have Dishcloth Fever!

Another go-to-portable project for summertime travel plans will forever and ever, always be dishcloths! This Easy Knit Dishcloths book offers thirteen designs and is a great way to learn and practice skills; try a new yarn (let's say Milo!) and create a beautiful supply of colorful, 
environmentally friendly, reusable cloths for using and gifting. To help beginners get started and to refresh more experienced knitters, the “School” portion of the book teaches featured stitches step-by-step. With designs ranging from very simple to challenging, you'll find designs you'll love to make. 

Milo is a super high-quality 100% mercerized, fingering weight cotton yarn in a beautiful palette of colors. While Milo is perfect for anything baby-related, we ordered it specifically to compliment our favorite dishcloth pattern book, which by the way, is softcover and measures 8" square, perfect for throwing in a carry on tote!

Shop all twenty Milo solids HERE! You can find the five "prints" HERE!
Shop the Easy Knit Dishcloths books HERE!
You'll need a 24" circular US 2.5 needle, if you need one, here it is!

A Menagerie of Embroidery 

We love these adorable embroidery kits from Hawthorn Handmade and we think they're ideal for travel plans. The pattern is pre-printed on the fabric and the kit includes everything else you need to create your own beautiful piece of hoop art. The comprehensive stitch guide gives illustrated instructions for various different stitches. Follow the included color coded pattern for guidance as to what stitch goes where ~ or go your own way and make it truly unique!

Shop Hawthorn Handmade Embroidery Kits HERE!