Newsletter 773

by Meg Strong

Summertime...Sweater Weather?

We spent the weekend in our wardrobe closet, rotating winter knits out and summer knits in and uncovered this little gem. The Construction Zone tee is a modern, minimalist top that's all about shoulder details and big gauge fabric! It has a simple, slightly cropped boxy shape and knits up in no time! Ours is worked up in Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus, 
a cloud-like worsted warm-weatehr-friendly (mostly) cotton with a chainette construction...with just a touch of nylon for stability and strength. No plants were killed during this modeling session, though that's mainly because Meg didn't buy any.

Grab the pattern for Construction Zone HERE!
Shop Cumulus HERE!

Sizing details:
Finished Chest Measurements are 36 3/4 (40, 43, 46 1/4, 49 3/4, 54).
Select a size that's 6" larger than what you actually measure.
Yardage requirements: 475 (530, 600, 650, 700, 770).

Heart Blanket + Trailhead Yarns

We're happy to report that our Trailhead Yarns Yosemite order finally made it through customs and is back in stock! It practically hiked here!

Yosemite is 100% organic cotton and perfect for warmer climates or wool-sensitive folks. Projects knit up super-quickly thanks to those big stitches...and we adore the subtle speckled colors! 

The Heart Stroller Blanket is the perfect pattern to learn or practice your intarsia knitting. Finished size is approximately 27" w x 24" h using a US 10.5 needle.

Combo #1 (sample): 2 skeins Angel Wings, 1 skein Ginger
Combo #2: 2 skeins It's a Party, 1 skein Sorry
Combo #3: 2 skeins Bora Bora, 1 skein Miami Heat

Shop Yosemite HERE! Nineteen available colors! The Heart Stroller Blanket pattern is free with any three-skein Yosemite purchase...but you gotta include a note if you need it!

But Wait, There's More...With Less!

Want to give Trailhead Yosemite a spin with just a one-skein project? Try this adorable baby car seat blanket using that uses just a single skein and size US 11 needles. It's perfectly car-seat-cover-sized at 18" x 22".

Shop Yosemite HERE