Newsletter 779

by Meg Strong

Meg Went Somewhere And It Is Not Mexico For Once

Meg is fresh off a three thousand hour car ride to H+H Americas, a fantastic soft goods/textile trade show that happened last week in suburban Chicago. She rode along with Jennifer of Sheepskeins (just outside Evansville, Indiana) and Kelly (also of Sheepskeins and formerly of Haus!) and had a big time, stopping at every exit for Funyuns and not inspecting the vendor list very closely. She had a fabulous time, wandering aimlessly down each and every aisle and found a lot of awesome stuff to add to the Haus roster, and she can't wait to share it with you as it starts rolling in later this year.

Thanks to Jennifer and Kelly for driving! If you're anywhere near Newburgh, Indiana, drop in and say hi to Jennifer and Kelly at Sheepskeins!

New Month = New Monthly Make!

For July's make, we're working on the technique known as "illusion knitting" using an adorable pattern from designer Cecreations. Illusion knitting is also known as "shadow knitting." When you look straight at a piece of illusion knitting, you see only two-color stripes. A “hidden” image is revealed when you look at the piece from a different angle. We liken it to magic! The knitting itself is JUST knits & purls...simply follow the "recipe", enjoy and trust the process! 
Pick a design HERE, then choose two of your favorite colors of Pima 100 HERE! You'll need two skeins (one skein each of two different colors). Ours is the Snowman & Snowflakes design in Yarrow and Iris.
If you're local to the Middle Tennessee area, feel free to join us Monday, July 3rd at 11am for The Monthly Make meet-up! Not local? Join us in spirit, cast on whenever the mood strikes you, and just make something!
Monthly Makes are archived HERE

If you're at all curious on just how detailed you can get with illusion knitting...take a look at some of THESE beauties!

Restock: Modus Operandi Silky Alpaca DK and Jariq!

We're happy to report that alllllll twenty-eight colors of MO Fibers Silky Alpaca DK are back in stock! This one ticks a lot of boxes for us. It's got an almost unparalleled drape and softness with a subtle stunning shine thanks to its buttery soft blend of superfine baby alpaca and tussah silk.  To say "it's soft!" is the understatement of the century! And we love that the alpaca and silk each absorb the dye a little bit differently, so there's a real depth of color to these skeins.

The Jariq Shawl (from designer Ainur Berkimbayeva) was specifically designed as a smooth, soothing knitting experience: no charts to follow, no complex shaping to keep track of, just an easily memorized stitch repeat that you can knit to almost any size. This triangular shawl is worked sideways - starting from the right tip and ending with the left tip - and allows you to easily customize the size based on the amount of yarn you have. MoFibers' Rin used three skeins of Alpaca DK for her oversized version seen above. We have this sample in the shop and the photos really don't do it's stunning.

Shop MO Fibers Silky Alpaca DK HERE! Get your hands on the Jariq Shawl pattern HERE!