Newsletter 781

by Meg Strong

Stony Hill: Back in Stock

One of our most beloved kits is back in stock! The Simply Knitted Baby Sweater from Cindy Walker really is simple. Really. It's knit in one piece -- starting from the lower back to the front -- and then seamed down the arms and sides. We added a few fun stripes, in varying heights, to the right front just for fun. We used one skein of incredibly soft Southern Bales Organic Cotton, grown in west Texas, combed and spun in North Carolina and plied in Georgia.

The Stony Hill kit is available in five color options: green with natural, pale blue with natural, lilac with natural, raspberry with natural and pale pink with natural. Each kit contains enough yarn for a newborn size, two buttons and the pattern! It's a fast knit, and at just $29, we don't anticipate these being around for long!

You'll need a 24" US 6 circular needle! Click HERE if you need one!

NEW Stitch Stoppers!

These fabulous needle point protectors come in sets of two and fit a wide range of knitting needles. They're super cute and will help ensure that your precious stitches stay on the needles when you aren't working on a project. Keep your stitches safe with these adorable silicon stitch stops! Find all six variations right HERE!

Summertime 25% Off!

We think the Bohemian Silk Shawl, which uses just a single skein (each one has a generous 541 yards!) is an ideal summertime travel project! This pattern is super easy to work...just two row repeats of knitting and purling, with an occasional yarn over to create eyelet rows. Bohemian Silk is a delicate print yarn with a rustic effect, combining 100% natural fibers of soft cotton and bourette silk. Bourette silk is made from the cocoons that chrysalises leave behind when they turn into butterflies; it's 100% cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

Shop all six colorways of Bohemian Silk HERE....and it's on SALE! The Bohemian Silk Shawl pattern is free with a Bohemian Silk yarn purchase.

It's Here! It's Here! And It's Never Too Soon!

The 2023 version of Firefly Notes' Advent Calendar has arrived! IN JULY.

Enjoy 25 days of stitch marker surprises with this 2023 stitch marker advent calendar from FireFly Notes! The theme this year? "FAIRY WORLD AND THE NIGHT SKY".🧚‍♀️ 2023’s calendar is EXTRA SPECIAL! Every single charm is exclusive to Firefly Notes and each one is embedded with a "Firefly Notes" back stamp on it. This year's calendar features 20 (10 mm) handcrafted no snag stitch markers plus 5 handcrafted progress keepers, each with a unique design inspired by the beauty of the fairy world and the stars above.

Find the advent calendar HERE! There's even a matching notion tin to store all the stitch markers in as well. 🧚‍♀️