Newsletter 787

by Meg Strong

Doodle Cowl + Summer Love

Decorative Gourd Season is fast approaching and everyone's certainly excited about pumpkin spice-flavored everything...but we're not quite finished with our margaritas!! So here's a little something for those of you hanging on to the last vestiges of summer!

The Ocean Doodle cowl from designer Jamie Lomax includes 25 micro charts depicting fish, octopus, crabs, lobsters, mermaids, seaweed, coral, waves, sand castles, sunglasses, beach balls, sailboats, and lighthouses, which are intended to be used as mix-and-match colorwork motifs throughout the project. This one is truly a choose-your-own adventure: select the motifs that bring you joy and have some FUN!

Meg went with sport weight Rainbow Sprinkles from Camellia Fiber Co for her background color and a Boardwalk mini skein set from Molly Klein for the motifs. The mini skein sets contain ten different colors; since Meg only used five, we think it's quite clear that another Ocean Doodle Cowl is in her immediate future! Next time around, a deep navy from Perennial from Kelbourne Woolens will do the trick as the background color.

...and because we know some of you will are some details about our sample!!
YES, we absolutely mixed a sport weight with a fingering weight. We're happy to report that they played well together with no issues. Meg used a 24" US5 needle for the entire cowl (even the ribbing; she completely ignored the pattern's US4 suggestion), and she cast on for the "large" which is approximately 12" high by 28" in circumference.

Now, a warning (NOW a warning?): the designer has every season covered in her catalog of designs and Meg is OBSESSED. So you'll see more of these little cuties throughout 2023/2024.


Welcome Flax & Twine!

Two new kits from Flax & Twine just hit our shelves and we're smitten with both. 

The Trellis stitch drawstring bag employs a simple, sweet stitch pattern with a hem channel and cleverly made drawstring (no i-cord!). The bag has a flat, boxed bottom so it can sit standing, and measures 5.5" x 9", perfect for either a handmade notions pouch or cosmetic bag.

The Bennet Bandana is a simple and sweet bandana to toss on or off as weather dictates. The lovely, delicate picot lace edging makes this bandana special without being super fussy. You’re going to love the linen drape and soft feel, which just gets softer and more supple with use and washing. We hear it often: linen isn't "soft". It isn't in skein form - before it's been washed. But we machine-washed our Bennet Bandana sample ONE time and the transformation was remarkable! 

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