Newsletter 791

by Meg Strong

What's Your Sign?

Twelve new colors of Haus-favorite Rios have just arrived, and this dozen is inspired by the zodiac and fascinating interpretations of it! 

Each new color was crafted using key personality attributes commonly associated with each sign. Use the yarn that matches your own Sun sign by itself in either the 
Sense of Direction cowl (shown in Virgo) or the Waterfront cowl (shown in Sagittarius) or you could work up a unique combination by using the three shades linked to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs!!

If you don't know your individual signs, you can look them up here! Meg had no idea of her time of birth so step one was finding her birth certificate (insert the sound of about six hours passing and every file drawer in this ZIP code opening and shutting). Turns out her Sun sign is Aries, her Moon sign is Sagittarius and her Rising sign is now she's pondering making another Shift Cowl or Gryer Shawl because it IS a beautiful combination! 

Shop the new Rios Zodiac Collection HERE!

New Shades of Spincycle!

Wowza! You've been asking and asking and we're happy to report that our long-awaited Spincycle order has begun to many new colors of both Dream State and Dyed in the Wool are coming in and they are predictably Spincycle-level gorgeous! The new colors are bolder, brighter and, oh, happy happy happy!

Shop a whole buncha new Spincycle colors HERE!